Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have to attend the Brides Choice Awards Cocktail Party to receive nomination for an Award?

No you don’t have to attend the Brides Choice Awards Cocktail to be receive nomination for an Award, your business will be identified during the Brides Choice Awards Presentation on the night and you will receive recognition on our Facebook Page PLUS be included as an Award Recipient on our Website. However, there will not be a Physical Awards or Internet Collateral available for your business.

If I am unable to attend the Brides Choice Awards Gala Cocktail Party how can I obtain an Award if I am a recipient?

We encourage businesses to attend but there are cases where a business may not be available, so we encourage them to send an associate / friend to attend the evening. Worst case scenario is to purchase a single Ticket to the event and organise one of your business colleagues to collect on your behalf if you are a recipient of an Award or we can mail the Award with P&H to be included.

What is the Dress Code for the Brides Choice Awards Cocktail Party?

We encourage people to Dress Up – Cocktail or After 5.00pm, there is a Brides Choice Award for the “Best Dressed Couple”.

Is there a limit to the number of Tickets we can purchase?

No limit applies to ticket purchases we encourage businesses to bring their Staff / Associates who have been fundamental your success.

If we are unable to attend the Brides Choice Awards presentation evening and have purchased Tickets is there a refund?

It identifies on the Ticketing website (Tickets are Non-Refundable)

Refunds will be applied if the Brides Choice Awards are cancelled not postponed or date transfered.

What Business Category will my business be allocated to?

We review your Website and/or Social Media presence and define where best to fit your business, unless you have a specific request.

How is the voting done as I wasn’t aware that Brides Choice Awards Voting was being undertaken?

Exactly, Brides Choice Awards are ONLY voted for by Brides and Grooms who have been married over the last 12-18 months. It pleases us that businesses say this as it identifies we don’t get stacking of votes by unscrupulous businesses who want to win at all costs. Voting is undertaken via FaceBook Boost with Couples voting for their TOP5 Wedding Suppliers #1 Position = 5 Point and #5 Position = 1 Point.

How does my Business become a Finalist in the Brides Choice Awards?

To be a FINALIST you need to realise 20 Points Minimum.

To be a Winner in the Brides Choice Awards, what is the criteria?

A business with the highest number of Votes awarded by Couples.

What are the Winner categories?

TOP 5 (not all Business Categories), TOP 10 (not all Business Categories), Highly Commended, WINNER and BEST of the BEST.

How May Business Categories are there?

There are a minimum of 39 Wedding Business Categories, for the full list, please visit the Voting Page.

If my business could be in more than one (1) Business Category how is this handled?

We always take the Principle Business Lead for example if your business does Hair & Make Up then you will be considered a Bridal Hair Stylist and Make Up become secondary. A second example for a Videographer & Photographer the Category will be Wedding Videographer

If we are operating multiple businesses with different names do we purchase multiple tickets to the Brides Choice Awards presentation

Just a note if there are multiple businesses run by a single individual / organisation and the businesses are Finalists in the Brides Choice Awards, then a single ticket for each business needs to be purchased. So, to ensure that if businesses are recipients of a Brides Choice Award that they are attending and secondly to ensure we have the Physical Award available on the night if they are a recipient of a Brides Choice Award.

Does a wedding have to be undertaken in the Region in the Region of the Brides Choice Awards??

No, it is about where the wedding business is located not where the wedding is held. A business located in say Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges does a wedding in Queensland, the Couple can vote for that business. Same with all destination weddings, even overseas.



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